How to Check Result?

Check Tatts Lotto ticket by simply scanning barcode.

Aus Lotto App provide easy to use interface to scan Tatts Lotto ticket to check your ticket. Simply scan the barcode as shown in the video above to check all your numbers and find out if you are the winner.

Aus Lotto app also supports scanning of QrCode to scan VCard, Website, Promotion Code, Telephone number scanning, SMS scanning etc.

Some more details on Scanning feature

  1. You can Scan Tatts Lotto Ticket in Australia
  2. Scan QrCode for any visiting Card.
  3. Aus Lotto Scanner is powered by Red Laser Technology with self detection of barcode and QrCode.
  4. Automated detection of Barcode and Qrcode and shifting to appropriate result

What is coming up next?

There are many new features being added to Aus lotto app that is going to add value to your experience and make the app more interesting. I cannot declare all of them in here, just to list one:

1)Saving feature for your scanned result. You can choose to save QrCode result, Websites, Tel, SMS etc in app for future use.
2)Something exciting.
3)Something more exciting.
4)Please suggest via comment section below.

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